Renewable – Heat System

Heat System

Heat pumps – making your home or workplace more energy efficient

If you’re environmentally-minded and, whilst helping to lower CO2 and greenhouse gas production, would like to reduce your energy bills too, heat pumps provide an ideal alternative to conventional boiler systems for heating and hot water.

Ground source heat pumps

(GSHPs) extract heat from the ground which can be used for internal heating. Ground temperature remains virtually constant so GSHPs can be used year-round.

Air source heat pumps

(ASHPs) absorb heat from outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its interior. Heat can be extracted at temperatures as low as -15°c.

While they need electricity to run, the heat generated via heat pumps is constantly being replenished naturally, making this a more sustainable, lower maintenance and less costly choice than depending solely on non-renewable energy supply.

Craig Yardley’s experienced team can assist with the design and installation of your renewable heat system. Fully City & Guilds 2399-31 certificated, we can advise on the best low carbon technology to meet your requirements, domestic or commercial.

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